Meet the team

Staff structure 2019-20

Headteacher Leader of Strategic Direction Geraldine Foley AHT, Admin & Estates Lead
Assistant Headteacher Leader of Wellbeing Leah Crew Intervention & SRB Team Lead
Assistant Headteacher Leader of Innovation in Teaching and Learning Sally Hodges Reception Team Lead
Assistant Headteacher Leader of Standards and Continuous Improvement Rachel Lloyd Nursery Team Lead
Senior Leader Leader of Teaching and Learning Michaela Sherlock Year 1 & 2 Team Lead
Senior Leader Leader of Curriculum Design and Delivery Sarah Stephanakis Year 3 & 4 Team Lead
Senior Leader Leader of Pupil Achievement Kate Adams Year 5 & 6 Team Lead


Nursery Mrs Rachel Lloyd (Mon-Weds), Mrs Caroline Norton (Weds-Fri), Mrs Shahida Begum, Miss Anna Parr
Tim Coch Mr Simon Pedwell, Mrs Jeanette West, Miss Caroline Cockram, Mrs Emma Williams, Mrs Liz David, Mrs Pat Bird
Reception/Derbyn Coch Mrs Cathryn Davies
Mrs Anna Mitchell, Mrs Donna Reece (0.8), Mrs Helen Davies (0.1)
Reception/Derbyn Melyn Mrs Sally Hodges (Mon-Weds)
Mrs Anna Kosaner (Thurs-Fri)
Mrs Helen Beaven, Mrs Ali Underwood
Year 1 Coch Mrs Michelle DeVilliers (Mon-Weds)
Miss Natalie Haberfield (Thurs-Fri)
Mrs Sue Ernest (0.5)
Year 1 Melyn Mrs Jane McGirr
Mrs Caroline Nightingale (0.5)
Year 1 and Year 2
Outdoor Learning and Intervention
Mrs Sue Ernest (0.5), Mrs Ali Underwood (0.3), Mrs Helen Davies (0.3)
Year 2 Coch Mrs Helen Alldred
Mrs Stephanie Ryan (0.5)
Year 2 Melyn Mrs Michaela Sherlock
Mrs Helen Coombes (0.5)
Year 3 Coch Mr Nathan Goodman
Year 3 Melyn Mr Jim Fitzpatrick (Mon-Weds)
Mrs Natalie Nelson (Thur-Fri)
Year 4 Coch Mrs Sarah Stephanakis
Year 4 Melyn Mrs Alison Hobbs
Year 5 Coch Mrs Amanda Jenkins
Year 5 Melyn Mrs Kate Adams (Mon-Thurs)
Mrs Jeanette West (Fri)
Year 5 Melyn Coch Mr Chris Dowd (Mon-Tues)
Mrs Jude Davies (Weds-Fri)
Year 6 Coch Mrs Hannah Cashin
Year 6 Melyn Miss Megan Stanley
Intervention Learning & Wellbeing Mrs Helen Coombes & Mrs Laura Dent

PPA Cover

1:1 Teaching Assistants

Mr George Cociorva, Miss Kay Haskell (Mon-Tues), Mrs Helen Coombes, Mrs Laura Dent, Mrs Leah Crew

Ms Teresa Hennessy, Ms Farida Aitabbou, Mrs Sam Khan, Miss Rebecca Lewis, Ms Ineke Matthews

  Administration                                   Mrs Nicola Coughlin & Mrs Samantha Smith

  Receptionist                                        Mrs Michelle James