My name is Amanda Jenkins and I am currently teaching in Year 5, I have worked with all ages in the primary sector and have loved every year group I’ve taught. I studied in Cardiff and am passionate about getting children to develop their love of learning by fostering a relationship of trust and mutual respect with each child as a unique individual, I feel extremely privileged to have such an influence in so many little lives, I am just so very grateful that I can go to work and thoroughly enjoy what I do.
On a personal level I love spending time with my beautiful family: my husband Chris and my daughter who is 15 and my son, Sean who is 13. I keep myself as active as I can. I run most days, enjoy climbing and family holidays. My favourite place to be is anywhere with my husband and children, in my little garden sipping a mug of tea, having a nice hot bath surrounded by scented candles, on top of Snowdon or playing Petanque, a hobby I have just started to embrace.
My favourite colours are blue and green, my favourite book has always been ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and my favourite film,’ Dead Poets Society’. I enjoy most music and love to dance, freestyle I like to call it. I’m not a great eater and do not enjoy cooking, I’m quite lucky that Mr Jenkins does most of the cooking in our house. My favourite food is Mr Jenkins’ roast dinners and Cornish Cruncher mature cheese that you can only get at M&S, I do drink a lot of tea.
People tell me that I am creative and fair; I like to do things well and I do appreciate things of beauty whether this is nature, kindness and compassion or a word or phrase in a song or poem. If I were to sum myself up in one sentence I would say – Mrs Jenkins is a tea drinking runner who is fair and loving, is passionate about teaching, learning and maintaining a healthy work and family life balance.