Name: Sam Khan

Role: ALN Teaching Assistant 


My name is Sam Khan and I am currently working as a 1:1 in Year 2. I have been working at Marlborough Primary for over 4 years and most of this time has been spent in the Foundation Phase. I enjoy working with young children and helping them learn and grow. My main focus is to encourage children to use their imagination in order to make lessons more enjoyable and effective. I believe that when children have fun while learning, they are more engaged and motivated. 


I find joy in spending quality time with my family, whether it involves taking long walks, discovering hidden beaches, or playing board games. I have a fondness for watching old movies. Among my current favourites are “Barefoot in the Park” and “Heaven Can Wait” – films that I’ve watched countless times. Every morning, I start my day by tuning in to a Joe Rogan podcast on Spotify. 


I have a passion for up-cycling old furniture. I find great satisfaction in transforming discarded pieces into something beautiful and functional.  


My top character strength is patience.