Take a trip into the past with Marlborough Primary School!

We’re commemorating the outbreak of World War Two and the years of the Blitz by exploring how it affected Marlborough Primary and the other people and places in Cardiff.

The pupils of 2019 will be looking back on the conditions of wartime, and re-enacting elements of the past – thankfully without the danger!

We are also presenting excerpts from the Marlborough Primary log book and pupil register, which show how the school adapted to the outbreak in hostilities and the years through to the end of World War Two in Europe.

Blogging the Blitz

Classes transferred

Circular No. 60/41-42 received. Registration. The classes were transferred. 23 girls & 25 boys were sent to Std I (Half of previous year). No. on Books in Infants Dept = 116. No. of admissions [unclear]