Name: Jude Davies

Role: Teacher

I began my teaching career in 2004, in a medium-sized primary school in Llantrisant. After seven years there I moved to Llysfaen Primary School in Cardiff, where I spent another happy seven years. In September 2019 I made the exciting move to Marlborough and I haven’t looked back since!
I live with my husband Rob and our two children, Amélie and William, both of whom attend Marlborough. Outside school, I like to spend my time quizzing, running, cooking and generally being busy.
My three favourite places are: New York, where Rob and I were married and my kitchen, where we eat family meals and spend time with people that are important to us.
My favourite thing to listen to is brass band music; I love going to concerts and used to play the tenor horn. In fact, Mr Maynard, the Marlborough brass teacher, taught me when I was in school!

My favourite things to watch are documentaries about law enforcement and medicine.
Sharing meals with friends is something I do often, and I like everything except parsley.
My top character strength is love of learning.