We look forward to welcoming the children back to school on Tuesday 5th September
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Meet the Team

Marlborough Organisational Chart

Meet the staff at our school!
Staff Structure 2016-17
Nursery Mrs.Rachel Lloyd
Reception Coch Mrs. Helen Alldred
Reception Melyn Miss. Cathryn Davies
Year 1 Coch Mrs. Alison Hobbs
Year 1 Melyn Mrs. Caroline Norton / Mrs. Natalie Nelson
Year 2 Melyn/Coch Mrs.  Sarah-Jayne Stephanakis
Year 2 Coch Mrs. Kate Adams (0.6) / Mrs. Leah Crew (0.4)
Year 2 Melyn Mrs. Sally Hodges
Year 3 Coch Mr. Jim Fitzpatrick (0.6) / Mrs. Anna Kosaner (0.4)
Year 3 Melyn Mrs. Jane McGirr
Year 4 Coch Mrs. Amanda Nicholson
Year 4 Melyn Mrs. Sian Burt
Year 5 Coch Miss. Kay Haskell
Year 5 Melyn Mrs. Michelle DeVilliers
Year 6 Coch Mrs. Michaela Sherlock
Year 6 Melyn Mr. Roger Ings
Tim Coch (SRB) Mr. Simon Pedwell & Mrs. Jeanette West
Planning, Preparation and Assessment (PPA) cover Mrs. Jeanette West, Mr. Simon Pedwell , Mrs. Helen Coombes, Mrs. Sam Clarke & SuperStars (Y2-6)
Assistant Headteacher Mrs. Leah Crew
Deputy Headteacher Mr. Jonathan Lewis
Headteacher Miss. Geraldine Foley

Mrs. Helen Davies, Mrs. Sam Clarke (HLTA) & Mrs. Rachel Chung

Reception Coch
Miss. Anna Parr &
Mrs. Katherine Fry /Mrs. Caroline Nightingale


Reception Melyn
Mrs. Donna Reece, Ms. Muna Ahmed & Mrs. Rachel Chung
Year 1 Coch
Mrs. Anna Mitchell
Year 1 Melyn
Mr.Stephen Johnson
Year 2 Coch
Mrs. Susan Ernest
Year 2 Melyn
Mrs. Helen Beaven
Year 2 Melyn Coch
Mr. Robert Young
Mrs. Beth Griffiths, Mrs. Elizabeth David, Mrs. Emma Williams, Mrs. Rachel Culliford, Mrs. Janet Buxton & Mrs. Pat Bird (1:1)

Inclusion  (Interventions)
Mrs. Helen Coombes (HLTA), Mrs. Alison Underwood, Mrs. Laura Dent

Inclusion (1:1)
Mrs. Sasha Evans (Y4), Mr. Jason Crews, (Y4), Mrs. Hilary Price (Y4) & Mr. Matthew Walk-ley (Rec)



Finance/Pupils Mrs. Samantha Smith
HR / Staffing Mrs. Nicola Coughlin
Receptionist Mrs. Michelle James
Mr. Chris Jenkins
Team Leader: Mr. Chris Jenkins
Mrs. Tracey Southam (Supervisor), Mr. Brian Savoury, Mr. Ray Corney, Miss. Lisa Workman, Mr. Anthony Pritchard, Mrs. Saule Mustapha
Team Leader: LA Catering Department
Mrs. Jones (Cook in Charge), Ms. Williams, Mrs. Higgins, Mrs. Kaid
Team Leader: Mrs. Nicola Coughlin
Mrs. J. Davey, Mrs. R. Wu,  Mrs. H. Price, Mrs. D. Bloom, Mrs. S. Mustapha, Mrs. P. Bird,  Mrs. G. Cardelli, Miss. L. Workman, Miss. D. Osborne, Mr. A. Pritchard, Mrs. S. Chowdhury, Mrs. C. Cossins, Miss. T. Southam & Mrs. S. Evans
Team Leader: LA Music service
Mrs. L. Pugh (Violin), Mr. C. Maynard (Brass), Mrs. H. Macleod (Woodwind), Mr. P. Goodyear (Guitar)