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Marlborough Primary Walking Bus


The Walking Bus started in 2008 and since then has helped parents and children walk from Colchester Avenue to Marlborough Primary four days a week, rain or shine!

What is the Walking Bus?
A walking bus is a group of children and parents who walk to school together along a set route. Taking turns to walk means we get a day off from the school run a couple of times a week. This makes it possible for the children to walk when they would otherwise go in a car.

The adult volunteers are CRB checked and we always have one adult for every four infants or eight juniors.

Why is the Walking Bus important?
There are lots of reasons why it is better for children to walk to school rather than travelling by car. Here are just a few:

  • Children (and adults) need exercise! A short walk to school is a great way to start the day in a healthy way.
  • There is a lot of congestion around the school gates which is dangerous for the children. By walking to school we can help to stop this.
  • Pollution from the cars makes our local air quality poorer as well as contributing to climate change. Walking to school instead of driving is an easy way to help keep the air cleaner and cut carbon emissions.
  • It's fun! The children enjoy chatting and singing as we walk to school.


Q: I have to drive to school because I need to go straight to work; the Walking Bus wouldn't work for me would it?
A: The Walking Bus is perfect for this situation! Just drop the children off at an agreed Walking Bus stop instead and carry on straight to work.

Q: I like walking to school with my own children. Would we have to join the Walking Bus every day?

A: You don't have to commit yourself to walking our days a week. Just once a week would be a great help!

Q: I live in the other direction from school. How can the Walking Bus help us?
A: If you pass near the Walking Bus route as you drive to work, you can drop the children off at an agreed place.

Q: There is no Walking Bus near us. What can I do?
A: The Walking Bus coordinator would be happy to help start new Walking Bus routes. All you need is four or five willing parents and the rest is easy. Use the contact details below if you are interested.

To join the Walking Bus, or find out more, contact Gillian on:
07766201488 or email